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Property Rentals


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Want to have your property rental listed?


You can either become a full member of the Beatrice Area Chamber of Commerce or be a member of the Rental Association!


Here's how it works:

  • Member's of the Chamber - NO LIMIT on how many properties you list, or how often you send us changes throughout the year
  • Member's of the Rental Association - $20 yearly fee, NO LIMIT of the number of rental properties listed
  • Fee year is January - December, there is no pro-rated fee.
  • Listings may include up to 100 words of text
  • 3 pictures limit
  • $50 fee for Chamber Staff to take pictures for you


Gage County Rental Association Members

Click this link for a listing of rental association members and phone numbers




We keep all of your information in our database so changes are easy to make.



For more information contact:

Email: achristensen@beatricechamber.com


Phone: (402) 223-2338