Beatrice Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism

Our Mission


Beatrice Area Chamber of Commerce aspires to build and maintain a prosperous and vibrant community that fosters a thriving business climate.



The Beatrice Area Chamber of Commerce advocates for our members and collaborates with other organizations to strengthen, sustain, and grow our local culture and economy.



Collaboration: We establish and maintain partnerships marked by transparency, honesty, and trust, to develop and implement beneficial community programs.


Diversity: We commit to building a culture that represents the full spectrum of the area’s economic base.


Innovation: We embrace and encourage new ideas and creative thinking to reach organizational goals.


Integrity: We adhere to personal and organizational guidelines of behavior that, publicly and privately, exhibit strong moral principles.


Leadership: We will actively take initiative to influence and guide our members and community to develop current and future leaders, formulate solutions and mobilize resources to create a thriving, prosperous community.


Strategic Objectives

Cultivating and Developing Young Leaders: It is critical to the vitality of our community that we actively develop ways to establish connections with our young leaders, as their energy and new perspectives will keep our community vibrant.


Active Community Partnerships: The success of our organization depends on fostering and nurturing strong partnerships with our members and connections from all sectors of the community. 


Local E-Commerce Expansion: As e-commerce continues to expand, we will seek out opportunities for our community to improve its online presence for promotion and sales and provide training connections for those options.


Guiding Principles: A good foundation is instrumental to the success of the organization.  Our program of work activities and events will align closely with our defined vision, mission, and core values.

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